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RYA Training Centre

Due to retirement, Centaur Sailing Limited is closing on 30th June 2015
  • No new course enrolments can be accepted, however students may still purchase our plotter or upgrade their course to full-support if desired. To do so, please telephone free to 'Centaur Sailing' on Skype, call 07970-646885 or e-mail: centaursailing@gmail.com.
  • To prevent a stolen card being used to place an order and have it delivered to another address, a debit or credit card may be used for payment only if the delivery address is an exact match with the registered address of the card used for payment. Please contact us if you need an alternative address for shipping and we'll give you the details necessary to make payment by bank transfer.
  • At the checkout it doesn't matter if you click the plain button labelled 'Check Out' or the PayPal button, both take you to a page where you can choose the upper option to Pay with my PayPal account or the option beneath to 'Pay with a debit or credit card' (which doesn't require that you have a PayPal account).
  • Sending us an order certifies acceptance of our terms & conditions.
Only for use when specifically advised by Centaur Sailing
This 'Add to Cart' button is for Generic Payments in multiples of GBP 1. Please do not use it unless we ask you to. Unexpected payments made using this button are likely to be accepted as non-refundable gratuities.

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